Oven Edit


The oven is located in the Kitchen. A frying pan, which is found in the sink, can be placed on a hob, and then heated up to cook food found within the fridge. The time is also displayed on the Oven.

Controls Edit

The oven has 5 controls all usable by both the Daddy and the Baby.

  1. The first control turns the first hob on
  2. The second control turns the second hob on
  3. The third control turns the actual oven on
  4. The fourth control turns the third hob on
  5. The fifth control turns the forth hob on

Safety Edit

By the time on the oven there should be a red unlocked lock button; if you click it it locks the oven door so the baby cant get in. Also move the stall out of the way that is leading up to the kitchen counter (see counter) so the baby cant crawl up to the top and use the hob or other dangerous things.