This is a list of chores that the Daddy can participate in.

Chores Edit

  • Put The Toys Away: This chore starts when you put a beach ball, block, ETC. in the bin marked toys.
  • Nuke That Pill: This chore starts when you put pills in the microwave for 20 Minutes. You get power-up which you eat dangerous items like batteries and trash, for example.
  • Put Battery In Smoke Detector: This chore starts when you pick up a smoke detector battery in the smoke detector on the kitchen ceiling.
  • Wash the Baby: Put the soap and water in the bath tub, while the baby is inside it. Power up: see the baby's health through walls.
  • Cooking for Baby: Turn on the stove hob and place a frying pan on top. Place a raw piece of meat (available in the fridge) on top of the pan and wait for the meat to be fully cooked.