Counter Edit


The Counter is located in the Kitchen and is a very dangerous place. If you are the Baby, you can get on the Counter by jumping on the trip stool.

Dangers Edit

Sink Edit

The sink can be dangerous because if your baby is in there he is very well camouflaged. If you turn on the tap Daddy will be able to hear, making it hard to drown.

Cups Edit

The Cups are very dangerous because if the Baby knocks them onto the floor he can jump down and eat the shards. To stop him from eating the glass shards you can pull the drawer out that is beneath the cups therefore the glass shards will fall into the drawer just quickly close the drawer before the Baby eats the glass shards in there.

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Hobs Edit

The hobs (not included in photo) are also dangerous. Just turn the controls on (see oven) and there, you got yourself some fried baby.

Safety Edit

To stop the baby from getting to the counter, move the trip stool some where else.