2016-01-16 00008

The Baby can use a hammer to destroy the glass table and eat the Glass Shards, quickly killing the Baby

2016-01-16 00014

The Baby can hide in a cabinet to avoid being seen by Daddy


The baby is one of the two playable characters in the game, Who's Your Daddy. If you join a game, you will begin the first match as him. The baby is on a quest to kill himself before his mom gets home (at 4pm). If his mom does get home, (which takes 4 minutes) Daddy will win. The baby will become green, and a variety of other colors if he gets sick. If he does get sick, then your vision will either go colorless, or a swirl of random colors, which might make it harder for the player to see. The baby has two circles in the top right corner one representing its health (the left one) the other his stamina boost, (the right one) which will allow him to run for a short time.

The baby has a variety of options to succeed in killing itself. These methods include, but are not limited to, drinking Bleach and other cleaning supplies, which will slowy decrease the babies health overtime, sticking a fork/knife into the Power Outlet, which will kill the baby instantly, eating Batteries, which will also slowy decrease the health of the baby overtime, and eating Glass Shards. Which will kill the baby in a swift amount of time.